You are in the process of publishing a new article on your blog. For some time, you have been uploading images of people and places. Now you want to change the diet for your online readers. Though this is your desire, you are not sure whether to post images of trees or grass. But have you thought about animal pictures?

As you may be aware, animals are part of human life. People spend cash to visit different wildlife parks across the globe to get an opportunity to interact with various animals. What if you bring them closer to the audience inform of pictures?

Won’t that be a great idea? Alright, here are three animal pictures that will make your audience bookmark your site in their favorite categories:

i.    Bird photography

Birds are one of the most admirable animals in the world. Due to their unique behavior and colors, they attract the attention of many audiences. In particular, uploading bird images showing various behaviors such as flying from one branch to the other, interacting, and building their nest can make people go crazy about your image.

Also, bird images are a symbol of inspiration. For instance, people love a picture of an eagle as it portrays a sense of persistence and hope, a white dove represents peace. Hence, if you want to communicate specific messages to your target audience, the bird pictures are a good choice.

ii.    Cat/Dog/puppy pictures

Apparently, you have a pet in your home. Your pet is either a puppy or a cat. As such, you can confirm that the two animals have a special connection with humanity. When it comes to online platform, the same feeling is replicated. Uploading a picture of puppy or cat will create an attractive emotion towards your site. As such, it will increase social sharing as the viewers want to pass over their feeling to peers.

iii.    The big five animal photography

As you know, human interpret visual images and associate it with your web page. Uploading a picture of the big five animals in the jungle reflects an image of your authoritativeness in the online platform.

Hence, whether you’re offering consultation services or selling products, there are high chances of winning the audience trust. Also, your target customers will like associating with your site as it makes them feel great as the big fives.

In a world, animal pictures are one of the strategies for making your site go viral. If this is your goal, using any of the above options will help you achieve your objective.