As you know, humans are visual creatures. Images and anything that is visual influences their emotion. A good image always attracts much attention, and the opposite is also true. Essentially, the photography you use when building your site will have the final impact on it.

Apparently, photography is one of the aspects that can boost or hurt your web traffic. Remember creating a wooing first impression takes only seconds. For this reason, you need to be conscious when selecting photography for building your website. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

i.    Images are part of your content

The phrase “an image represents a thousand and one words” is not Greek to you. If you want people to fall in love with your site, uploading pictures is one way to woo them. Although this is true, you must keep in mind that images are also part of your content. As such, your choice of pictures should complement your content.

 For instance, you cannot upload furniture images to your online fashion store. Remember, your audience will interpret your content according to the image you upload. Hence, always use images that match with and support your text content.

ii.    Good images enhance your brand trust

If you didn’t know, people believe what they see. Your images reflect your brand. As such, when you upload poor images, the audience will implicate the same quality in your brand. Importantly to note, images last longer in the audience mind. So, your site imagery first impression will determine how they will take your brand. As such, the high-quality imagery will lead to enhancement of your brand trust.

iii.    Always show real humans

The principal rule is that people connect with people. If you want large following on your site, you need to use images of real humans. In particular, using images showing people faces inspire a sense of connectivity. Your audiences are likely to click pictures with human faces than other images.

In fact, people will follow such images with interest and probably read the content posted to see whether it can offer them some insightful information regarding the photos. In the process, they extend their duration on the site. As such, you can grab their attention and drive your message home.

In a word, when choosing photography for building your site, always remember this: images are part of the content and enhance your brand trust. Also, using real human images increase the visitors’ attention.


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